Text Box: Lewisburg Middle School is one of nine schools located in Marshall County and the only middle school, serving about 450 seventh and eighth grade students.  Each student at LMS is taught by a highly qualified teacher.  LMS attempts every day  to fulfill its mission which states: LMS, in partnership with our parents and community, works to ensure our students gain necessary social and behavioral skills in conjunction with adequate academic progress as determined by state standards in order to achieve a successful transition from middle to high school.

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SAVING THOSE LABELS AND BOXTOPS!  THE PTO received a check for $545.00 for last semester’s efforts. 

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Text Box: Text Box: Text Box: Lewisburg Middle School’s Vision (Direction) Statement:  It is the vision of Lewisburg Middle School that all students will be challenged to reach their maximum potential.  In order to achieve that, students will be provided a safe, disciplined environment that will foster academic pride and achievement, moral and ethical values, and decision-making skills, thus enabling students to become productive citizens of the academic community, and later, the world community.

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The LMS cheerleaders are conducting a recycling fundraiser.  There's nothing to buy.  We are simply asking you to protect the environment by donating your used consumer electronics and unwanted, broken, or mismatched jewelry.  Your used item(s) may be tax deductible and will be recycled in accordance with EPA regulations.  100% of the proceeds will help fund LMS cheerleaders.  All you need to do is send the above mentioned items to school with your student. For more information, click here: